Victor Crowley


Comedy / Horror

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 50%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 59%
IMDb Rating 5.7 10 1589


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Danielle Harris as Marybeth
Tony Todd as Rev. Zombie
Tyler Mane as Bernard
Kane Hodder as Victor Crowley
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Lin Cooper 1 / 10

Let it die, please

Loved the first one. 2nd was so-so. 3rd got back on track. Then there's this...

Total mess of a movie. I know it's supposed to be over the top and silly, so don't say "she just doesn't get it." I know fully well what it's supposed to be. That doesn't excuse the mess that it is. Some of the acting was fine, but jeeeeezzzeee...tone it down some. At least make some characters likable. Everyone was so obnoxious that you seriously couldn't wait for them to die, and all were embarrassing stereotypes. Thank God the movie was only about 80 minutes long...I couldn't suffer through much more. And obviously no budget...the entire movie was obviously on a stage and setting half of the thing inside a crashed plane didn't help matters. Put Victor to bed and let him rest in peace.

Reviewed by J. O. 10 / 10


I absolutely adore slasher franchises. I wish they still made Friday the 13th and Elm Street movies every year like they did in the 1980s but nooooooo. It was a long wait for Hatchet 4 (aka "Victor Crowley") but I'm glad the franchise is back. I hope there's a part 5 soon. Next year would be awesome but I'm not holding my breath.

Anyway, I love Kane Hodder in the title role and the rest of the cast is clearly having a blast. The tone of this movie is infectious and fun. I smiled ear to ear the entire time. There are a couple of kills that should make any highlight reel of best slasher deaths. I love the characters and dialog. The plot and pacing are perfect. What's not to like?!

I know the reviews here are mixed. So what? Look at the reviews and star ratings for almost ANY classic slasher from the 80s and you see the same thing. All the classic Friday the 13th or Elm Street movies score around 5 or 6 stars and have only 50% positive reviews. Nothing new. It's indicative of nothing except what horror fans have always known: We are not in the mainstream. Again, so what? To those who love the Hatchet movies (and we are many) this movie is a welcomed return. May there be many more!

Reviewed by GL84 8 / 10

Enjoyable if slightly flawed effort

Having survived the original massacre, a former paramedic finds himself in a group of people who crashlands in the same swamp with the deformed killer he escaped previously as they resurrect him for another rampage in his home swamp and must rely on his experiences to get away alive.

This is yet another enjoyable entry in the franchise. Among the best aspects of this one is the way this one goes into dealing with the backstory to the previous entries. Not only does this one take great consideration in playing up the connection to the past involving the decade-long journey by the one character but also giving this a lot to like with the setup of the legend in the years since the original incident. Taking on the current form of publicity and exposure that would be found in a modern environment regarding those types of flash-in-the-pan celebrities that dominate the society. That gives this one plenty to like heading into the motivation for the upcoming massacre with the film really scoring nicely with the usual slashing antics which keeps this one hurtling headlong into the fun slashing antics that occur. The series of attacks here are just as much fun as they were in the past, from the opening assault in the swamp to the battle to get out of the rattled plane against the trap he sets up for the group as well as the different one-on-one battles out in the swamp where the creative encounters are just as much fun as they've always been. Managing to mix together the use of bombastic, over-the-top action that never once comes close to being realistic or plausible in any sense and some genuinely creepy or chilling as when he pops up out of the darkness at the shack or the surprise appearance at the plane which really goes well together towards creating some great action-packed attacks in the final half. Combined with the usually stellar special effects work on the graphic and gruesome kills, these here are what work as the film does have a few minor flaws. The main issue here is the rather long amount of time it takes to get to the main setup in the swamp as it takes too many storylines to get fleshed out to get to that point. This one too many that don't make too much of an impact which is quite surprising as it features way too many that hold up the pacing, and it gets worse as there's no reason to keep them inside the broken plane as long as they are which also holds up the pace. Likewise, the only small issue here is the rushed feeling this gives in comparison to the other entries which didn't need as rushed and breakneck a pace that this one flies through in the finale which just seems to end without really setting itself up for anything. These here are the minor qualities that hold it back.

Rated Unrated/R: Extreme Graphic Violence and Graphic Language.

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