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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Ahmed Said 7 / 10

Good Sci-Fi

This movie has a great Sci-Fi, I liked how the movie used the parallel world theory, they handled it very cleverly. Acting is good only the downside i think is the plot holes, like how the lab assistant built a home lab while they were building the lab for years.

Reviewed by azureceo 2 / 10

Why Do I trust reviewers on here?

This is a B movie in the worst way. First it comes off way too "drama" and slow for a decent sci-fi Another reviewer is right about the score ..... really bad. I just wasted and hour and 30 minutes of my life that I can't get back.

Reviewed by Harrison Tweed (Top Dawg) 7 / 10

An OK amateur indie Aussie production

This one is a hard one to rate/review. I could nit-pick it, but after all, it is a independent low budget C-grade Aussie production by amateur/novice director/writer/producer John V. Soto, and thus I can't compare it (or rate it as an equal) to a big budget Hollywood production.

Having said that, what stood out foremost and was annoying was the score, just terrible. Had it been better, the film would have shown better. The sound was also off (should have had the boom mics closer to the actors) - sometimes the score overpowered the dialogue.

The screenplay was ok aside from major plot holes (especially the ending that I guess was supposed to thrill the audience, but failed as a ridiculous amateur move) and a very slow pace. This film needed to be edited down from 90 mins to 75 mins tops. Some of the slow-mo scenes were overly dramatic without cause, and other normal scenes dragged out and extended too long and needed to be edited down.

Although the actors were C & B-list actors, I felt even the experienced ones failed to produce, and I feel part of that blame falls on the director's failure to instruct his actors properly. It seemed this was the kid actors first ever acting gig.

But on the positive side, John V. Soto's directing, cinematography and the story/premise were decent and enjoyable.

A very generous and honest (look at the other 3 fake hi score reviews who only rated this film lol) 7/10 from me. Would I see it again or recommend it? Nope. Did I enjoy it? Sure, because I had no other movies to watch.

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