Selfie from Hell


Horror / Mystery

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lordkrythic 1 / 10

Unnecessary Amounts of Jumpscares

I guess I should go ahead and admit that I did not finish watching this movie. I made it about a quarter of the way through it before realizing the type of movie that it was, and at the same time, understanding that it was a waste of my time.

There is quite literally, and I could not make this up if I tried, a jump scare every minute to two minutes. And they aren't even well executed jump scares, either. If you watch a lot of movies you will probably agree with me that jump scares do not equate to good horror. It's a cheap way to get a reaction out of people. To be honest, only one of them got me, and the rest were just more and more annoying than the last. I stopped watching simply because they started to annoy me.

It's quite possible that this is exactly what the directors and writers were going for in this movie, to capitalize on the "selfie and jump scare fad", and that's why they are so ubiquitous throughout the movie. It's almost like they actually made sub-notes in the script that said "we don't know what to do here, so just add another jump scare and maybe no one will notice the lack of a storyline". The movie really is that bad, and quite frankly, I guess it's sort of my fault, because I went into a movie called "Selfie From Hell" and expected something a little bit existential.

I really don't know. Would I recommend this to a friend? No. Should you watch this? I would honestly say no, as well. And if you feel the need to watch it, at least do so on a free movie platform like Solarmovie or something similar. But certainly don't give these people any money, because they don't deserve it.

Reviewed by ops-52535 4 / 10

a horrific horror story.

I might as well admit it, i'm too old for crap like is all about the dangers of cyberspace,selfie selfishness,hyperactive cathatonism,supersticous e.mails,TOR,darkweb ,sosiophathy from living a social life on the internet and all the means that have emerged from science since i passed my learning ''phase of life''.

the acting are decent,the music very well used,some jolts of horror were present,thanks to the score,but the story and plot must have been made while under the influence of psychoactive drugs,its based on lsd hallusinations,and rythm of ecstasy.

it is a 4'er under doubt,and no more than that. kids will love it,and hopefully not copycat it.

Reviewed by michaelant555 4 / 10

Atmospheric Horror Overdrive

Girl has her cousin coming to stay and is supposed to be bringing her new boyfriend. Boyfriend's ill so he didn't come and her cousin is distracted by something sinister going on in her life connected to the dark web...

This goes all out for horror atmosphere and by enlarge succeeds in this endeavour, though I do find jump scares a cheap, unwelcome, and unnecessary tactic in horror movies.

The acting is okay, certainly nothing that would warrant a bad review.

The writing and directing were a bit irritating like, for horror effects, leaving rooms in the dark when any normal person would put a light on - especially if there is any chance there's a demonic presence in your immediate vicinity. Also, if you have someone visiting it would be polite to call an ambulance if they are catatonic. It's those kind of details that see the rating stars dropping swiftly by the minute as the movie unfolds.

Would I recommend it or watch it again? No.

This is all about horror sequences so if you like that and don't worry about the mindless plot holes and irrational behaviour then give it a go.

One other thing that springs to mind is the music score which at one point I think they actually tried to drive the viewers mad with a ridiculous heatbeat-like clanging sound that was far too loud and went on for so long that I had to remove my earphones.

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