Rise of the Footsoldier 3


Action / Comedy / Crime / Drama / Horror / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 36%
IMDb Rating 5.7 10 571


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Kierston Wareing as Kate Carter
Craig Fairbrass as Pat Tate
Daniel Stisen as Bouncer
Dave Legeno as Big John
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by suzyleeq 10 / 10


One thing that really stood out for me in this movie was the guy or should i say the actor who played the lead character of Pat, Craig Fairbrass, OMG!! TERRIFYING!!!! I'm not disrespecting him when i say this but he has to be one of the most underrated British actors of all time IT'S INSANE!! - seriously if Tom Hardy or Ray Winstone had played this role the critics would be screaming from the roof tops of how marvellous they were. Where has this guy been??? Why is he not in bigger main stream movies? He's actually better then some of the big US actors Ive seen, so natural, I mean totally believable, very manly with oodles of screen presence and if i say so myself kind a ruggedly handsome for an older guy and i don't usually find older guys attractive , but i kept thinking OMG!!! He would make such an awesome Punisher, I mean he is Frank Castle or even Negan in the Walking Dead. By the way i have now joined IMDB to have my say and to check him out fully and I have now compiled a to do watch list of all Craig Fairbrass movies :) I really hope he has more movies coming out soon.. yummy. UNDERRATED MOVIE STAR :(

Reviewed by davej-73208 8 / 10

Needed WAY more of Tony & Craig

Better than what I thought after I saw the poor trailer which has to have put a lot of potential viewers off even watching the movie. Shame we didn't get more from the other two characters from the 1st film but it is called the Pat story. Defo worth a watch, the main character looked the part still. I'm guessing it will end up on netflix soon but unlike all these other Essex films that are utter garbage and look like the actors were plucked from those only way is Essex this one is worth a look and is no doubt a cinema worthy movie.

Reviewed by steveperry-53763 7 / 10

Decent film if you accept it for what it is...

There's a glut of these sort of films but this latest offering from the ROTF franchise, documenting the trials and tribulations of Pat Tate and the people he comes into contact with, isn't too bad an effort if you like this sort of film. If you're able to look past the ageing actors and lack of attempt at setting the action in the 90's you'll find snappy dialogue and a good soundtrack, but most importantly you'll find that Craig Fairbrass really does excel at playing arrogant, psychopathic and dangerous characters such as the one they are trying to portray this time round in Pat Tate. If there was a TV mini-series produced which followed the adventures of Pat, Tony and Craig as they do drug deals, kick lumps out of people and get into various scrapes and capers with plenty of swearing thrown in, I would most definitely watch it. Each episode would always end with a mention of Mickey Steele's supposed drug-deal, followed by all three getting blasted away in the Range Rover, with 'Heaven knoooooows what life may brii-iing...' played in the background. Then, a sneak-preview of next week's episode - Tony and Craig set off to buy some drugs, but Craig leaves the money in a McDonald's toilets. Meanwhile, Pat glasses someone in a pub for looking at him the wrong way. Tune in next week!

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