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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mrpatras 7 / 10


This is perhaps not a 1982 Blade Runner or Brazil, but it is not too bad either. Lately the American movies are getting stupider by the day, especially the SF ones which are just buckets of PC, and the Chinese market tries and succeeds in dethroning Hollywood from the pedestal. What goes up will go down. I suspect that in few years we'll see really good SF Far East movies. We'll just have to adapt to a different language. The movie keeps up your attention and for that, it's great.

Reviewed by yeolit 6 / 10

A mysterious yet confusing time travel film

This film basically is about time travel, about how a researcher tries to save her child from various circumstances by travelling back to the amount of time permitted.

This does sound familiar, however, one thing to note is how there were a few seemingly random scenes at the beginning of the film which would remain unexplained until near the end of the film. Thus, it will be kinda mysterious and confusing here and there.

What I find this film lacking is how it presents the scenarios. There were a few scenes which were so incredibly impossible or careless that I really find it hard that this is catered to adults. Thus, the story line becomes boring and predictable, and I kind of lost interest halfway the show. However, there were also quite a few unexpected twists which made the plot line interesting.

In conclusion, this is a film that you should take a pinch of salt with when watching because even for a sci-fi film, it doesn't look very realistic. Watch for the action, not the logic.

Reviewed by James Gentle 7 / 10

A still rusty but interesting Chinese production

Since the media frenzy caused by the Three Body Problem winning the Hugo award, Chinese sci-fi community has been taking advantage of the situation and pushing for major expansion. The abrupt increase of Chinese sci-fi films production is the evident result. However, the sustainability of this development relies on the quality of these products. Although still rusty by art standard, this film is good enough to earn further support for the genre from the public and officials alike.

This film is set in near future, with somewhat detailed characterization of near future life.

On the story side, the character development of the main protagonist seem a little too fast to be natural, which is only justifiable if attributed to the side affect of time travel. However, the contrast of these personalities is rather interesting.

It also consists of all the necessary elements of a successful film in China, action, humor and weird personas. Also, an obvious educational element is added at the end of the film to secure the dragon seal required for a mainland release.

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