Only the Brave


Biography / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 88%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 92%
IMDb Rating 7.7 10 21714


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Jennifer Connelly as Amanda Marsh
Taylor Kitsch as Christopher MacKenzie
Miles Teller as Brendan McDonough
Josh Brolin as Eric Marsh
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by donaldricco 6 / 10

only the brave... can get through this in one sitting, straight through...

This is a touching tribute to the firefighters, but it isn't the best of movies. Great chemistry between Brolin and Connelly, and Brolin and Bridges, and a really well done ending. But a good majority of this film just isn't that interesting. Sad, powerful, and important, but it never did really draw me in. And not to be nit picky, but Bridges needs chin whiskers... always.

Reviewed by chriswalker-92398 10 / 10

This is movie making at its finest.

I don't leave comments or rate films but I felt compelled to rate this and comment. 10/10 for so beautifully capturing the honesty, humility and dignity of the Granite Mountain Hot Shots. There is so much of just real life complete with challenges, heart aches, contemplation and the choices that we as human beings have to make. Only the brave pays fitting tribute to heroes and reflects the awesome strength and courage of those who hold the line against all odds. I enjoyed every minute of this movie.

Reviewed by Sean Payne 10 / 10


This movie is extremely trying movie to watch the verbiage was a bit rough the story well told but NOT suitable for young children under 13 by any means what got me was when the whole crew dies expect for the one guy. it tells the story of how tough it is to fight fires of that magnitude. this is a true conveyance of the facts of Wild land firefighting 100 times more difficult in order of magnitude then structural side of things. so many variables to consider wind speed, humidity, weather, this film is by far the best firefighting movie I have seen in many years better then Backdraft by far Backdraft was all BS this was real raw and in your face it was like Burn. or ladder 49. Josh Bolin is always a good choice as a lead actor I think,

I want to say I have the deepest respect for all our nations Fire Fighters Thank you for all you do.

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