My Life as a Zucchini


Animation / Comedy / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 98%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 87%
IMDb Rating 7.8 10 12376


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Nick Offerman as Raymond
Ellen Page as Rosy
Will Forte as Mr. Paul
Amy Sedaris as Aunt Ida
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Deathstryke 8 / 10

A tender, affecting little film

"My Life as a Courgette" is such a simple story and simplicity really is the film's greatest strength. There is no flamboyant animation, no huge narrative arc, no gargantuan obstacles to somersault over, no chaotic chase sequences, no loud, yappy dialogue...basically nothing like what you might expect if this same story was told by an American studio.

At 66 mins, it's short and to the point, quiet, contemplative and starkly sad, yet filled with uplifting moments of hope and tenderness, which it conveys without ever feeling contrived or overly- sentimental.

The young French voice cast are terrific (I do hope anyone reading this review watches the French version and not the American dub). They do well to convey the vulnerability behind the broken characters. That, and I think some of the lines just sound so much better in French - the way the brattish Simon spits out the word "potet" was particularly amusing to me.

The animation is rather basic and the character's faces are not hugely expressive, but enough emotion is conveyed through body posing, vocal performance and composition that you would need a heart of stone not to feel for the young gang of misfits.

By the time the bitter-sweet end credits song kicked in, I was noticing a little moisture in the corner of my eye. Not sure the kids in the audience enjoyed it as much as I did though....which is an important point really. This film is NOT intended for young children. It deals with adult themes like death, neglect and abuse, in a very delicate way mind, but still, it's not something that's going to entertain the 'fidget spinner' generation.

Reviewed by Matt Greene 7 / 10

Honest, To an Uncomfortable Degree

One of the most tender and sweet-hearted movies of 2017, and some of the greatest stop-motion animation I've ever seen. Sure, its heart doesn't always feel earned, as some characters switch on a dime just to suit the story. Still, this is a beautiful and devastating look at the insane world foster-care kids are forced into, with the natural naivete of a child being forced into incredibly grown-up decisions. Fix some of the clunk character psychology, and this would be an all-timer.

Reviewed by The Quiet Movie Guy 6 / 10

Undercooked Zucchini

I don't know, maybe I'm not the target audience of this film. The reason why I watch this is because I am interested with the art in it and I think it was refreshing to watch this kind of animation in a world full Pixar. Also, the fact that it is an awards contender made me more interested in this film.

But story wise, I think that it didn't got me there. I thought it was predictable and I thought it was okay. Maybe I am just expecting too much on a movie made for kids? or is this just the effect of watching too much Pixar (in terms of story)?

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