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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Red-Barracuda 7 / 10

Powerful Japanese animated war-drama

I have previously seen the harrowing Japanese anime Grave of the Fireflies (1988) which depicted the horrors of World War II on Japanese civilians. This brilliant film remains the only Studio Ghibli film to not be distributed by Disney – it was too disturbing for them. With In This Corner Of The World we have a new take on the subject of life in wartime Japan. While this one did not have the impact of the earlier movie for me, it was still a very impressive bit of work. It specifically follows a family in the year leading up to the 6th of August 1945 when the Enola Gay dropped the atomic bomb on the city of Hiroshima. The action, however, takes place in Kure, a city nearby.

The war is very much in the periphery of the story. Ominously hovering in the background with battleships silently moving into the harbour, military police active on the ground and air raids occurring regularly by the American military. While the horrors of war do escalate, much of the run-time is devoted to the family drama and this is perhaps the one weakness of the film, as the domestic drama isn't entirely compelling and a bit meandering. It means that we don't get as involved with the characters as much as we should and it could perhaps have been trimmed down a little at the very least. However, this negative has to be offset by the positive in the way that the story does examine the lives of ordinary people during this time. We also have the constant advance of time towards what we know to be that fateful August day and knowing what is to come actually generates even more tension than not knowing. When the moment finally arrives, it is understated in a way that is incredibly sinister. A silent white flash, a tremor and then a huge odd-looking cloud in the distance. It is a far cry from the usual way in which nuclear strikes are depicted in films but its very distance and unspectacular presentation creates a curious melancholic and depressing feeling which was quite powerful I thought. The artwork throughout is beautiful – this is a film which could easily pass itself off as a Ghibli product – and it doesn't pull its punches when it depicts some of the horrors of the aftermath of the 'new bomb'. Overall, this is another powerful and artistically strong bit of animation from Japan.

Reviewed by themadmovieman 7 / 10

A touching and visually beautiful depiction of the true cost of war

For a film that takes on a big and heavy-going part of history, I have to say I was very impressed with how sweet and touching In This Corner Of The World is. Although it's never an emotionally exhilarating experience, it brings a very nostalgic and intimate story to light with some beautiful animation and a unique look at the years before the bombing of Hiroshima, all making for a thoroughly engrossing and affecting film.

But first, let's just get across what doesn't quite work about this film. It's definitely important to know that this isn't an account of the Hiroshima bombing itself, nor is it a heavy-going war drama on par with something like Grave Of The Fireflies. That said, the first half of this movie doesn't quite deliver a strong enough story to make its more personal focus so enthralling.

As sweet and nostalgic as the film is, and as clever as using the historical hindsight to watch people live out their daily lives innocently in the old Hiroshima is, the plot for the first half just doesn't really take you anywhere. It's a pleasant and pretty account coming of age story, but it's a little too much like a slice-of-life drama to really give you that strong emotional connection to the characters right from the beginning, meaning that the film does take quite a while to really get going.

That said, once it shifts up into a more dramatic gear, things become very impressive. Now contrasting the hardships of a war context with the life that this young girl was building for herself, the film taps into an emotion that's rarely focused on, bringing a sombre atmosphere to what was such a sweet and pleasant story of nostalgia, by showing you what the true loss of war can be: an entire community filled with lives flourishing all over taken away.

And yet, the film remains surprisingly heartwarming even when it gets into some of the heavier-going parts of the history. Whilst there are many really sad moments that tug at your heartstrings, the determination of our main character as she negotiates an unimaginably harrowing situation is so uplifting, and brings out a brilliant beauty amidst all of the horror of war.

Which brings me to the animation. Styled in a similar fashion to many of Studio Ghibli's best works, this film not only looks beautiful, but its animation style plays a big part in its story. Throughout the film, we learn how the young girl loves to draw, which is even more apparent against the beautiful hand-painted landscapes.

But from her love of drawing come a series of stunning sequences in which we see the Japanese navy ships, as well as aerial battles and air-raids in the skies above Hiroshima turned into delightful and colourful paintings seen from the eyes of this young girl, heightening the sense of sadness when you think about such a happy and kind- natured character having her life turned completely upside down by the war.

Finally, when it comes to the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, I think that this film handled itself very well. In keeping with the notion that it's not a direct story about the event on the August 6th, 1945, the very moment itself isn't shown explicitly, and we continue to focus on the confused and gradually beleaguered people living in the city on the outskirts of Hiroshima.

Yes, the story does still bring to light the horrors of the aftermath of the bombing, but in that it continues to show some beautifully heartwarming and uplifting moments that emerge from the terror, and in the film's finale, it really shines with a bold and brave but utterly stunning demonstration of the strength of decent human beings in the face of the worst possible adversity.

Overall, I was very impressed by this film. Although it gets off to a very slow start, it compensates with a beautifully-executed second half, using the sweet and nostalgic nature of the first act to tug at your heartstrings when everything turns dark, and with the gorgeous animation style from start to finish, this film is a truly touching watch.

Reviewed by turregano 7 / 10

A good story, good history, and superb anime

This is my first anime film and I am glad I chose it. It combined a good (if meandering at times) story, excellent animation, unique art, and appropriate history together to produce a wonderful (if long) film. The characters do not take advantage of the medium except in dream sequences or when something untoward occurs. This keeping the film in reality is one of its strengths. Another strength is what I feel to be the accurate portrayal of Japanese citizens during the war. I have read a great deal and feel this might actually be a very good teaching tool about the hardships and loyalty born by the Japanese people during WW2. And, finally, with my limited knowledge of Japanese culture, I thought this offered a valuable insight into how the culture works and what is important to the people. For all these reasons, plus the beautiful animation and art in the film, I am glad this was my first experience with anime.

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