Crime / Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 6%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 30%
IMDb Rating 5.1 10 5147


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Al Pacino as Detective Archer
Brittany Snow as Christi Davies
Sarah Shahi as Captain Lisa Watson
Karl Urban as Detective Ruiney
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by pepo_wicked 4 / 10

Major disappointment

Well, i'm a big Pacino fan and I think i've seen all his movies (some of them more than once), but Hangman just left a bad taste. Pacino just seemed to me very tired and his performance shockingly weak.

Let's just say that the 4.9 score on IMDb is very indulgent. Overall Hangman is not an extraordinary movie, incomparable with others on the same genre.

A movie that can be watchable (once).

Reviewed by omendata 5 / 10

Another formulaic disaster.

I watched the Snowman last night and its just as poor as this effort! There doesn't seem to be any thought to constructing an interesting story in thrillers these days leaving the viewer feeling un-thrilled for the most part! Is there really a dearth of intelligent and smart scripts in Hollywood? All of these type of movies seem to be desperately emulating the excellent and original movie "7" and failing on just about every level.

Poor old Al Pacino is past his best if this is anything to judge by and Karl Urban is looking not far behind. The acting was barely passable, the story was pedestrian, un-involving thriller-by- numbers and not very clever although it tried so hard to be...ohh, and the end - well what can we say but the director obviously has delusions of grandeur if he thinks there will be a Hangman 2 - I mean the ending just didn't need to be and it just makes the whole movie look even sillier and ends up being what my old English teacher used to call "Cheating The Viewer"!

If you are looking for a decent thriller you might find it hard this year but try the excellent "WIND RIVER" but just forget this one and wait for it to come on telly as it isn't worth rental.

Reviewed by Shade Tm 4 / 10

The Worst Serial Killer Movie You'll See

No need to get too long with it, the movie is just bad.

A horribly pretentious story that is full of holes and just doesn't work, pair that up with terrible acting from good actors, just a disappointing mess.

Just give it a miss.

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