China Salesman


Action / Adventure / Crime / Drama / Thriller / War

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Steven Seagal as Lauder
Mike Tyson as Kabbah
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Edgar Iván H 1 / 10

waste of time and money

Seagal is one of the worst actors in Hollywood and now that is unemployed he is going to China to do even worse movies than the one he usually do. This movie is so bad could be interesting for curious people to see it.

Reviewed by rajubhaiya 2 / 10

Jesus! you are so damn genius!

Producer : I need a box office market dough.. US is crap this year Director : Dont worry we make Chinesse movie. You have 2 billions market there. Producer : No way.. the only way you got Chinesse market is when you teach kungfu to a Panda Director : We put Steven Seagal Producer : Come on.. Director : With Tyson. What do you think.. Producer : hmm.. interesting.. Director : okay we cast some Arab in the desert too. You will have 1.5 billions potential moslem market. It will take the movie to the top of box office Producer : you are smart.. Chinesse, Arabian, Seagal, Tyson. Okay. Perfect.. Whats the title? Director : China Salesman! Producer : Whaaat? We are not making annually corporate selling movie.. you are idiotic! Director : You right sir. But note this.. you have 2 billions chinesse potential market, 1.5 billions moslem potential market. Its 3.5 billions. And when you put title CHINA SALESMAN you will have all of American to watch it. Include Trump. Producers : Jesus! you are so damn genius!

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