Captain from Castile


Adventure / Drama / History

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 56%
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Tyrone Power as Pedro De Vargas
Cesar Romero as Hernando Cortez
Lee J. Cobb as Juan Garcia
Jean Peters as Catana Perez
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jpdoherty 8 / 10

Ageless Hollywood Epic Adventure.

Arguably the finest romantic epic adventure of the Golden Age of motion pictures Fox's CAPTAIN FROM CASTILE (1947) has amazingly not dated one iota since its inception. The movie is a joy to behold! With rich vibrant 3 strip Technicolor Samuel Shellabarger's classic novel about the young Spanish nobleman who joins Cortez' Conquistadores in the New World to escape the inquisition comes mightily to the screen. This was a 1947 blockbuster with outstanding production values. Tyrone Power is terrific in it and Caesar Romero gives a striking performance as the all conquering Cortez. Solidly directed by the always reliable Henry King it was gleamingly photographed by Charles Clark and Arthur E. Arling and was splendidly written for the screen by Lamar Trotti. The only crib I have with the movie is its 140 minute running time. Despite the film dealing only with a little over half of Shellabarger's book it is still a tad long for a movie. With about 20 minutes shorn from its length it would have made for a tighter more cohesive viewing experience. Nevertheless it is still a memorable and spectacular piece of filmed entertainment.

The picture cost almost 5 million dollars to produce. A gigantic sum in 1947 and the cost is evident throughout. Extensive location filming was done in Mexico where the real events depicted took place. And almost unbelievably coincidental is that while filming in Uruapan an active volcano was erupting and was utilised in the background for the closing scenes. This so accurately substituted for another active volcano that was erupting during Cortez' actual invasion all those centuries ago.

Complimenting the colourful production throughout is Alfred Newman's blistering Oscar nominated score. Beside his Academy Award winning music four years earlier for "The Song Of Bernadette" CAPTAIN FROM CASTILE is his finest achievement and contains his celebrated and spine tingling "Conquest March" surely cinema's greatest march theme! Also from the score is the sumptuous music for Catana the peasant girl (The lovely Jean Peters making her debut) and the equally gorgeous theme for the lady Luisa (Barbara Lawrence). Although Newman's "Song Of Bernadette" is quiet brilliant it was really one dimensional in structure being unable to untangle itself from its overt piousness. CASTILE on the other hand is totally different. Edward B. Powell, Newman's trusted orchestrator for many years, said in a 1975 interview "it was a film that allowed Alfred full range as a composer. It had everything; love, death, pomp, action, scenery and The Church. The grandeur of the whole thing inspired the use of the complete orchestral palette in the grand manner".

Alfred Newman's inspired score is just one of the many stunning elements that makes CAPTAIN FROM CASTILE an unforgettable movie. It is a radiant example of Hollywood's golden past that had exceptional writing, performances, Cinematography and music. Since it was made over sixty years ago it has been enjoyed by past generations and without doubt it will be enjoyed by many generations to come. A Fox winner!

Reviewed by andyevel6 10 / 10

The best picture made on the conquest of the Americas

There are many pleasant surprises in this epic movie. For one, it was filmed in spectacular Technicolor and was superbly photographed in actual locations. Piramids were built, volcanoes were erupting for real and ancient ship replicas were destroyed at sea. One of the main surprises was seeing that the beautiful Jean Peters could act. This actress without much dramatic training did an excellent job in her movie debut. She practically steals the picture from Tyrone Power - Impossible? She does, and he's very good in this one. See her last scene, while waiting to move deeper into Mexico with Cortez; it's a treasure. I became a fan after seeing Miss Peters in the pirate flick "Anne of the Indies" (she plays 'the pirate'), and have seen most of her movies since. It's a shame Fox didn't use her talents in better fares, such as Susan Hayward's "I Want to Live", but then Howard Hughes came into the picture while she was doing Castille and, I imagine, his obsession over her beauty ruined a promising career. This film is partly based on true events and has an excellent cast, a fantastic screenplay and a musical score by Arthur Newman that rivals any other composed for anepic flick -then and even now. It's on DVD now. Get it before they become extinct. It's worth seeing. Beautiful vistas, a handsome Ty Power and a gorgeous Jean Peters.

Reviewed by Spikeopath 8 / 10

Sweeping is the word that springs to mind!

The Spanish inquisition and the invasion of Cortez into Mexico...Henry King style!

A film firmly split in two halves, Captain From Castile may over stretch its aims on the page at times, but the sweepingly gorgeous texture is quite something to behold. Tyrone Power takes up the lead role of Pedro De Vargas and firmly cements his star status with a wonderful performance, handsome and brave, he carries the film easily on its joyous course from Spain to Mexico, whilst stoic male support comes from Cesar Romero (Cortez), Lee J. Cobb (Juan Garcia), and John Sutton (Diego De Silva). Head female duty falls to a vibrantly young Jean Peters (in her film debut) as Catana Perez, pretty and beguiling, her gorgeous green eyes shining bright in this Technicolor spectacle, she is the perfect foil to Power's dash and swagger.

Production costs are thought to have been over $4 million, yet even though the film sadly lost money, the money spent is still evident at every turn and it proved to be very popular with critics and film lovers alike. Director Henry King wonderfully utilises the panoramic vistas of the Mexican locale and the costumes come right out of the top draw, but one of the most striking things in this magnificent production is the score from Alfred Newman. Stirring and emotionally hard, it has to rank as one of the best scores to have ever been composed. I strongly recommend the isolated score option on the excellent Region 1 DVD. It's a far from perfect film for sure (the no battle pay-off at the finale is a great disappointment), but the harking back to old historical days of yore can induce a tingle on the spine, and in that respect the piece delivers handsomely. Just like its leading man ironically enough. 8/10

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