Batman: Gotham by Gaslight


Action / Adventure / Animation / Crime / Fantasy / History / Mystery

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 80%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 66%
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Jennifer Carpenter as Selina Kyle
Scott Patterson as James Gordon
Kari Wuhrer as Barbara Gordon / Pamela Isley
Tara Strong as Marlene Mahone / Tim
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Milk_Tray_Guy 8 / 10

Great plot, solid performances, and thrilling action.

Thoroughly enjoyed this 'Elseworlds' tale. Bruce Greenwood is a great Batman and I loved Anthony Head as Alfred - hope he gets to do more. Fight choreography in DC's animated Batman movies has improved hugely in recent years and Batman's battles with the Ripper here are as exciting as anything seen in his live-action - in some cases more so. Several nods to established Batman mythology/continuity for fans, plus a nice callback to Tim Burton's Batman '89 movie in the first few minutes. Quite a few Sherlock Holmes references too (might need to be a real Holmes buff to catch some). Definitely one for rewatches.


Reviewed by Matthew Kresal 9 / 10

The Dark Knight vs The Ripper

"What if?" stories have always been popular with the chance to re-imagine events or people in a different light. Comics, in particular, have made much use of the idea with DC dedicating an entire range to it known as Elseworlds which put its character such as Batman and Superman into new settings in the past or turned the characters fundamentally on their head. It's not surprising then that the most recent DC Universe animated movie would take the very first Elseworlds tale which takes the Dark Knight into steampunk territory as he takes on Jack The Ripper. It's safe to say that expectations were high for this particular animated movie but does it live up to them?

At its essence, Gotham By Gaslight is a whodunit. In Victorian-era Gotham City, Jack The Ripper is loose on the streets murdering women of the night (though unlike the comic it isn't clear if this is quite the same serial killer from 1888 London) with the police apparently unable to catch him. While Bruce Wayne is a rich young bachelor about the town, as Batman he is pursuing the Ripper. He isn't alone as the actress and social advocate Selena Kyle is pursuing the killer as well. The movie might perhaps be described as a cross between Batman and The Alienist (itself currently being aired on TNT and written around the same time as the source comic) which makes it all the more interesting.

What the movie does first and foremost is neatly adapt and expanded upon the original 1989 comic. The film takes the basic premise of Jack The Ripper on the loose in Gotham with the Batman in pursuit as its foundation. No surprise then that it incorporates characters, plot points, and scenes from it into the narrative. What is a surprise is the length that screenwriter Jim Krieg and the filmmakers incorporate characters and elements not included originally. Selena Kyle who is a major character in this screen version for example yet didn't feature in the original while the movie also draws some inspiration from the follow-up Master Of The Future to an extent as well. Which isn't a bad thing at all as it actually provides some nice twists that make it a fresh experience even for those familiar with the comic. Even more so with a whodunit as it takes the same approach Nicholas Meyer did in adapting his own Sherlock Holmes pastiche The Seven Percent Solution for the screen by sticking to the mystery but playing around with the elements somewhat.

As one might expect, the film features plenty of action as well. There's a number of expansive set pieces ranging from the first reveal of Batman stopping a mugging to a number of encounters with the Ripper including a chase that takes the viewer from Arkham Asylum to a top a police department Zeppelin. Unlike some of the previous DC animated movies (especially ones in recent years with the DC Animated Movie Universe efforts) where action overshadowed plot, that isn't the case here as the plot nicely leads into each and every action sequence which also allows them to drive the plot forward. That all of them are well animated is just the icing on the cake.

Elsewhere, the movie features the elements that have been the highlights of these DC animated movies. There's a strong voice cast led by Bruce Greenwood as Batman whose performance suits this version of the Dark Knight just as well as it did when he voiced him in Under The Red Hood. Joining him is Jennifer Carpenter as Selena Kyle with a solid performance and nice chemistry with Greenwood, Scott Patterson as Jim Gordon, William Salyers as the alienist Hugo Strange, and Anthony Head is a welcome addition as Alfred. The movie's animation is strong as well from its designs which show a strong steampunk influence as well as the backgrounds and action set-pieces. All of which come together to wonderfully bring this Victorian Gotham to life though in a visceral but most gratuitous way that gives the film an "R" rating.

Put all those elements together and Gotham By Gaslight lives to expectations across the board. From its adaptation of the original comic which neatly expands upon it to its action sequences, voice actors, and production values it stands up far better than The Killing Joke in bringing a fan favorite story to the screen. The result is not only a fine Batman film in its own right but the best DC animated movie in years.

Reviewed by JoeB131 6 / 10

Steampunk Batman

So this is an "Elseworld Story", which means they can mess with the characters in a way they couldn't normally. All the principles of the Batman Family are here, and they kill about half of them off.

Bruce Wayne becomes Batman in either the 19th century, or a world where technology hasn't gotten to the point of the internal combustion engine being a thing yet. ANd of course, Jack the Ripper is there because frankly, he was the only criminal in the late Victorian Era.

They spend a lot of time implying that Harvey Dent (AKA Two Face in normal DCU continuity) is the Ripper, because hey, it almost made sense. I was halfway expecting them to shoehorn the Joker into the role. So what they did do was kind of interesting.

Oh, it wouldn't be a story set in the 19th century without reminding us how patriarchal everything was back there by having female characters point out to us what louts we are being.

so worth a watch? FOr the hard core Batman fan, sure. For the animation fan, maybe. It looks like the same people who put this together did the Batman series in the early Oughts.

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