Agenda: Payback



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Sean Patrick Flanery as Steve Walsh
Eric Balfour as Peter Farrell
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ianjlevinson 8 / 10

Intense and Graphic

Agenda: Payback is about a writer who kidnaps a businessman who ruined his life. Agenda: Payback is a violent and brutal thriller with a very unique premise. The film takes place almost entirely in one location which makes it feel very claustrophobic and real. The film kept me invested with its intense scenes and complexity. Every character has both good and bad aspects to their personality and motivations which makes the film very complex. I also liked how the film used music to increase the tension. The film is also very satisfying because you get to see a horrible person getting what they deserve. Agenda Payback is a suspenseful film that will keep you invested until the very end and I strongly recommend it.

Reviewed by ops-52535 3 / 10

a vendetta for all

Its a bloody movie nearly from the start, a vengance- like kidnapping,extortion and torture,lots of beating and screamcrying.then another one bites the dust as number one victim gets free,but is stupid enough to not run(as i wouldve)then comes the third and fourth guy,like the trolls in the ash-lad fairytails.lots of talk, really angry men,and so on, though fairytails have a happy ending this film doesnot,thereb is a winner,but its not the good guy.there are also some females involved,but they all hate the guys.

its a film about money,sex,hate,cells , pc's and gravedigging. its a cheap production,so dont expect much, the editing are like showing the whole world war 2 in 5 minutes ,very sparse and few locations.the music are as taken out of a UFO-movie form the early 50*s i give 3 stars for stamina,''story''and the acting actually....

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