Accident Man


Action / Crime / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 84%
IMDb Rating 6.1 10 2230


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Scott Adkins as Mike Fallon
Ray Stevenson as Big Ray
Ray Park as Mac
Ashley Greene as Charlie Adams
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mashkej 7 / 10

Direct to video Jason Statham-esque John Wick rip off.....

This is a fun flick and I think a solid rental suggestion for action fans.

If you know Scott Adkins, you're already on board.

Ive read alot of comparison reviews for this movie but few have called out that it is very very very VERY much a retelling of a John Wick movie. Staying spoiler free: the movie centers around a group of unique hit men and women that hang out at a safe location and live by a set of rules. When things go south for one of the hitmens loved ones, he finds himself pitted against his hit men/women. Sound familiar? Yup. Did i mention the hitmans name is Baba Yaga? kidding about that.

So...getting past the movies "inspiration" it any good?

For me...mostly yes. Adkins stoic-ness, delivery and accent do come across very Jason Statham like. His fighting skills and the overall fight choreography provides some decent fight scenes. They dont measure up against the creme de la creme of action scenes (ie: The Raid) but they are solid.

The premise is great to have a rag tag band of characters and the movie delivers there...each hit person being an extreme archetype. The flick gets extra credit for its inclusion of the great Michael Jai White.

I would probably rate the movie as a B- direct-to-video flick. Theres a pretty nifty character back story within that may bump my rating up to a B. Overall its a fun, breezy, straight forward action/revenge flick. I would definitely be onboard for a sequel.

Reviewed by classico_79 10 / 10


This movie have everything: action,comedy,drama and the English black-humor that i like..awnsome film.. expect part 2

Reviewed by Mark Thomas 8 / 10

In essence this film is using the formula created by Jackie Chan but as a British martial arts film with comedy elements.


Occasionally I come across a film which as I'm watching it I can't decide if I like it or don't, this is one such film.

Basically a simple to understand story of revenge and redemption but with some over the top characters thrown into the mix which actually rather than detract from the film actually make it funny, yes funny.

In essence this film is using the formula created by Jackie Chan but as a British martial arts film with comedy elements.

I think it was this which threw me at first because its not a formula that I can even remember watching in a British film.

After the realisation that the comedy and characters were intentional I started to enjoy the film more and more.

Ok its not Jackie Chan and never will be but it was still a damn good watch especially the martial arts scenes.

Scott Adkins is finally coming into his own and about time to.

Rating 8 out of 10

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